About the list of publications

The list is generated from a output-file of a search at apps.webofknowledge.com.

Missing publication? If you're a member of CTCC and your publication is missing in the list, please inform John Vedde, john.vedde@kjemi.uio.no, so he may correct this.

Update procedure

New from 10.5.14: Publications from 2007-2012 is kept in a separate file. So we just download items from 2013 until today.

1) Use this search-string:

(((ctcc OR ((center OR centre OR ctr OR ctrr) AND (theoretical OR theoret) AND (computational OR computat) AND (chemistry OR chem))) AND (oslo OR tromso OR troms)))


Year Published=(2013-201X)  

2) On top of resultpage:

Save to other file

Records 1 to XXX (= no. of  hits)

Select "Author, Title, Source"

Save to Tab-delimited (Win-UTF-8)

Filname= "ctcc-wok-savedrecs.txt"

3) Upload file to this folder


Screendump of search-page


By John Vedde
Published Feb. 24, 2012 12:43 PM - Last modified Feb. 5, 2016 8:50 AM