Tor Flå

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Phone +47 776 74930
Room A-225/C-305
Postal address N-9037 Tromsø University of Tromsø Department of Mathematics and Statistics Norway CTCC

Research interests

  • Density functional theory,
  • Wavelets.
  • Use of biochemical and stochastic models in quantitative bioinformatics.

Selected publications

  • Thrane, E.V., Grandahl, B., Flå, T. and Brekke, A.(1981), Nature 292, 221 (First theoretical and experimental relation between partial ionospheric scattering in D- layer and mesospheric turbulence measured by rocket instruments)
  • Holzer, T.E., Flå, T. and Leer, E. (1983), Astrophysical J. 275(2), 808. (First to discover the scaling laws for subsonic/supersonic transition point in Alfen wave affected atmospheres of cold supergiants)
  • Flå, T. (1992), J. Computational Phys. 101, 71. (New nonlinear numerical instability method developped)
  • Løvhaug, U. P. And Flå, T. (1986), J. Atmosph. Terr. Phys. 48, 959. (Discovery of a simple relation between nonmaxwellian description of temperature and EISCAT measurements of F-layer anamolous heating and drift.
  • Flå, T. (1994), Phys. Plasmas 1, 2409. (A new action principle for plasma/ kinetic theory and Hamiltonian systems based on variation of canonical generators on symplectic leafs)
  • Jezewska, M.L.E., Flå, T., Kaufman, A.N.(1995), J. Plasma Phys. 53, 185. ( A new covariant description of nonlinear modulations and damping due to phase mixing in relativistic plasmas based on covariant canonical generators and oscillation center theory.)
  • Flå;T. ,2001 ” A Hybrid Fluid Kinetic Theory of Plasma Physics” (see
  • Fossgaard, Eirik; Flå, Tor. An invariant bayesian model selection principle for gaussian data in a sparse representation. (2006) IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 2006;52(8):3438-3455.

Curriculum Vitae

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