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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Mehboob Alam Alam, Mehboob Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Tor-Arne Andberg Andberg, Tor-Arne PhD student
Picture of Niels Højmark Andersen Andersen, Niels Højmark Senior Engineer +47-22855431
Picture of Marco Anelli Anelli, Marco PhD student +47 77623113 +47 94236691
Picture of Lluis Artus Suarez Artus Suarez, Lluis Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jon Austad Austad, Jon Head Engineer perturbation theory
Picture of David Balcells Balcells, David Researcher +47-22857255
Picture of Maarten  Beerepoot Beerepoot , Maarten PhD student 776 23103
Picture of Sigbjørn Løland Bore Bore, Sigbjørn Løland Doctoral Research Fellow +47-92881237
Picture of Bjørn Olav Brandsdal Brandsdal, Bjørn Olav Professor, Co-director +47 776 44057
Picture of Michele Cascella Cascella, Michele Professor +47-22855420
Picture of Yann Cornaton Cornaton, Yann Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Taye B. Demissie Demissie, Taye B. Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Stig Eide Eide, Stig Head of Administration +47 77 62 31 00 +47 92 20 46 22
Picture of Odile Eisenstein Eisenstein, Odile Professor II, UiO
Picture of Tor Flå Flå, Tor Professor +47 776 74930
Picture of Luca Frediani Frediani, Luca Associate Professor +47 776 44082
Picture of Daniel Friese Friese, Daniel Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Knut Fægri Fægri, Knut +47-22844230
Picture of Bin Gao Gao, Bin Researcher +47 77 62 31 02 +47 40 33 98 78
Picture of Abhik Ghosh Ghosh, Abhik Professor +47 776 44072
Picture of Audun Skau Hansen Hansen, Audun Skau Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Trygve Ulf Helgaker Helgaker, Trygve Ulf Professor +47-22855428
Picture of Kathrin Helen Hopmann Hopmann, Kathrin Helen Researcher +47 776 23109
Picture of Geir Isaksen Isaksen, Geir Postdoctoral Fellow +47 776 23178
Picture of Stig Rune Jensen Jensen, Stig Rune Postdoctoral Fellow +47 776 44078
Picture of Joakim Samuel Jestilä Jestilä, Joakim Samuel Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jan Ingar Johnsen Johnsen, Jan Ingar Head of Office +47-22854826 Finance, VAT, Payment, Basware, Travel
Picture of Marius Kadek Kadek, Marius PhD student
Picture of Arne Karlsson Karlsson, Arne Senior Adviser +47-93407881 Physical chemistry, Chemistry, Raman spectroscopy
Picture of Peter Klæboe Klæboe, Peter Professor Emeritus +47-22855678 Highpressure spectroscopy, Conformational analysis, Infrared spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, Calculations, Physical chemistry, Low temperature spectroscopy
Picture of Chandan Kumar Kumar, Chandan
Picture of Simen Kvaal Kvaal, Simen Researcher +47-22857255
Picture of Andre Laestadius Laestadius, Andre Researcher
Picture of Kai Kaarvann Lange Lange, Kai Kaarvann Theoretical chemistry, Chemistry
Picture of Hugo Vazquez Lima Lima, Hugo Vazquez Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Davide Michetti Michetti, Davide PhD student
Picture of Glenn Morello Morello, Glenn Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Krzysztof Mozgawa Mozgawa, Krzysztof PhD Student +47 776 44078
Picture of Claus Jørgen Nielsen Nielsen, Claus Jørgen Professor +47-22855680 Physical chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Atmospheric Chemistry
Picture of Ainara Nova Nova, Ainara Researcher +47-22858149
Picture of Benedicte Ofstad Ofstad, Benedicte Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ljiljana Pavlovic Pavlovic, Ljiljana PhD student
Picture of Thomas Bondo Pedersen Pedersen, Thomas Bondo Professor +47-22857182 +47 94978990 Coupled cluster theory, Chemistry, Theoretical chemistry, Modelling and simulation, Quantum chemistry
Picture of Elena Platania Platania, Elena Senior Lecturer
Picture of Simen Sommerfelt Reine Reine, Simen Sommerfelt Senior Engineer +47-22858149 Chemistry, Theoretical chemistry
Picture of Michal Repisky Repisky, Michal Senior Engineer +47 77 62 31 08 +47 450 83 027
Picture of Magnus  Ringholm Ringholm, Magnus Postdoctoral Fellow +47 48 10 47 90
Picture of Kenneth Ruud Ruud, Kenneth Professor +47 776 23101
Picture of Mauritz Ryding Ryding, Mauritz Senior Engineer +47-22855677
Picture of Inge Røeggen Røeggen, Inge Professor emeritus +47 776 44025
Picture of Svein Samdal Samdal, Svein Professor Emeritus +47-22855458
Picture of Trond Saue Saue, Trond Professor II, UiT 00 33 (0)561556031
Picture of Osamu Sekiguchi Sekiguchi, Osamu Principal Engineer +47-22855541 Instrument responsible
Picture of Sangita Sen Sen, Sangita Researcher
Picture of Arnfinn Hykkerud Steindal Steindal, Arnfinn Hykkerud Postdoctoral Fellow +47 776 23110
Picture of Erik Tellgren Tellgren, Erik Researcher Chemistry, Theoretical chemistry
Picture of Mats Tilset Tilset, Mats Professor +47-22855502 Chemistry, SMN, Catalysis, Energy
Picture of Einar Uggerud Uggerud, Einar Professor +47-22855537 Chemistry, Physical chemistry
Picture of Peter Wind Wind, Peter Researcher +47 77645748
Picture of Clemens Woywod Woywod, Clemens Postdoctoral Fellow