FRIPRO fundings

Three basic research projects funded by the Research Council of Norway in the field of chemistry, all from the Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry.

Research projects to Kenneth Ruud and Einar Uggerud and 1 young research talent to Ainara Nova

FRIPRO allocations: NOK 292 million to projects in mathematics, physical sciences and technology


Ainara Nova is awarded a FRIPRO Young Talent grant

Ainara Nova, CTCC postdoc researcher at Oslo, has been awarded a FRIPRO Young Talent grant. The funds of this grant  will be used to support an ambitious research project aimed at carbon dioxide functionalization, including reduction to formic acid and synthesis of new polymers. This project is based on a combined theoretical-experimental approach and involves collaborations with national and international partners.

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FRINATEK supports Einar Uggerud’s project on artificial photosynthesis

Combustion of fossil fuels leads to increased CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. In addition to reducing the use, we can in principle choose between two strategies to counteract this tendency. The best known strategy is Carbon capture and storage (CCS) - i.e. to capture CO2 from combustion processes and bury it in geological structures.

Another strategy is to imitate nature by developing artificial photosynthesis, which means to take CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into fuels. In natural photosynthesis the energy is taken from sunlight. However, it is also possible to run similar reactions by other energy sources.

The idea for the project "The chemistry of CO2 activation and fixation" is inspired by what we now know about the chemical reaction mechanisms involved in natural photosynthesis, but with an important difference, namely the way the CO2 molecule is activated for reaction. By supplying two electrons to CO2 molecule before forming chemical bonds to other molecules, we open up for a different type of chemistry than what is known from nature. We will study and describe the basic factors that regulate the formation of covalent bonds between carbon atoms and between carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms, thereby providing the ground for artificial photosynthesis.

The Norwegian Research Council has now decided to fund professor Uggerud's project with 9 MNOK through their programme for independent project support in mathematics, natural sciences and technology (FRINATEK).

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Kenneth Ruud was awarded the project entitled "New Dimensions in Theoretical Multiphoton Spectroscopy"

The project will explore new frontiers in multiphoton spectroscopies in the infrared and visible frequency range through the development and use of state-of-the-art quantum-chemical quasi-energy derivative theory.

Multiphoton spectroscopy allows for novel studies of complex molecular systems, but to fully exploit the high information content of these spectroscopies, simultaneous theoretical studies are highly desirable. However, there currently does not exist general methods that allow such theoretical calculations, and the goal of the project is to rectify this situation.


Homepage of Kenneth Ruud

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