CTCC research making an impact

CTCC research has been cited more than 10 000 times.

Publication and citation statistics of the CTCC  as of November 28 2016.

As the CTCC is reaching the end of its 10-year period, we are happy to see that the research at the centre has had a large impact. The more than 700 publications arising from activities at the centre has now been cited more than 10000 times in the literature. Indeed, 42 papers have received more than 42 citations (thus, the h index of the centre is 42).

Although a few of the top-cited papers are review articles, the by far most cited paper is a research paper introducing a novel measure to assess the reliability of popular density-functional theory approaches for describing electronic excited states, in addition to providing novel insight into why some of these methods work and why others fail. This has proven extremely valuable, and the paper has now gathered 627 citation since its publication in 2008.

The bibliometrics also shows that the CTCC is indeed consisting of two equal nodes that complements each other in creating high-impact research, with about 400 publications originating from researchers at the CTCC in Oslo and having received about 5900 citations (h index 31), and 340 papers with about 5000 citations (h index 33) originating from researchers at the CTCC in Tromsø.

Reference to the top cited article: "Excitation energies in density functional theory: An evaluation and a diagnostic test". M.J.G.Peach, P.Benfield, T.Helgaker and D.J.Tozer, J.Chem.Phys. 128, 044118 (2008).

Published Nov. 28, 2016 3:47 PM