The Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (CTCC) is a Norwegian Centre of Excellence (CoE) established by the Research Council of Norway in July 2007. The goal of the CoE program is to stimulate Norwegian research groups to establish larger units focusing on frontier research at a high international level, and contribute to raising the quality of Norwegian research.

The CTCC is one of 21 national centres of excellence in Norway and the only one in chemistry. The centre has two nodes of equal size, hosted by the University of Oslo and the University of Tromsø. The CTCC receives an annual funding from the Research Council of Norway of about 9.5 MNok for the period July 2007 – June 2017. The centre also receives substantial support from the host institutions.

The vision of the CTCC is to become a leading international contributor to computational chemistry by carrying out cutting-edge research in theoretical and computational chemistry at the highest international level. 

The CTCC has established an extensive visitors program for world-leading scientists, as well as for PhD students and postdocs from other research groups who wish to benefit from the expertise available at the centre. 

The CTCC is actively engaged in communicating the potentials offered by computational chemistry in all areas of chemistry, offering courses in the efficient utilization of quantum-chemistry programs on the computational infrastructure available in the Norwegian supercomputing program.


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