Research Topics (K. H. Hopmann)

Transition Metal-Catalyzed Reactions

  • Iridium-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation.
  • Substitution at beta-diketonato rhodium and titanium complexes.
  • Nitrene, nitrate, and oxo transfer reactions involving iron or cobalt complexes.

Spectroscopic and magnetic properties

  • Implicit and explicit solvent models for modelling of chiroptical properties.
  • Raman, ROA, IR, VCD, UV-vis and ECD spectra.
  • NMR parameters and coupling constants.
  • Mössbauer parameters.
  • Heisenberg J-coupling constants.

Enzymatic catalysis

  • Epoxide hydrolysis (Epoxide hydrolases LEH and EH).
  • Dehalogenation, Cyanolysis and Azidolysis (HheC).
  • Nitrile hydrolysis (Nitrile hydratase).
  • Hemoglobin-catalyzed redox reactions. 

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