Karl Roald Leikanger

Akademiske interesser

  • Linear scaling methods with localised basis sets, and in particular the Divide-Expand-Consolidate algorithm.


  • Masters Degree in Physics from the University of Oslo, 2013. (Full Configuration Interaction Quantum Monte Carlo studies of quantum dots).  


  • Rebolini, Elisa; Baardsen, Gustav; Hansen, Audun Skau; Leikanger, Karl Roald & Pedersen, Thomas Bondo (2017). Local coupled cluster methods for periodic systems.
  • Leikanger, Karl R.; Rebolini, Elisa; Hansen, Audun Skau; Baardsen, Gustav & Pedersen, Thomas Bondo (2016). Hartree-Fock calculations using a priori Wannier orbitals for solids.
  • Pedersen, Thomas Bondo; Rekkedal, Johannes Andreas; Leikanger, Karl R.; Iozzi, Maria Francesca; Coriani, Sonia; Teale, Andrew Michael & Helgaker, Trygve (2014). Molecular Properties in the Random Phase Approximation.

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