Forskningselever holdt foredrag på UiO

Ola Solli Grønningsæter, Sveinar Hammer and Chris Andre Reierth Røgeberg presenting their research project at the CTCC seminar.

Drammen Upper Secondary School Research Project

  • In 2010, Drammen Upper Secondary School (videregående skole) established a science research line (forskerlinje), whose students attend twelve more lessons per week in natural sciences and mathematics than do other students. In addition, they follow a special subject “Technology and Research” (teknologi og forskningslære), learning about research in general and carrying out their own research project.
  • As part of this scheme, Ola Solli Grønningsæter, Sveinar Hammer and Chris Andre Reierth Røgeberg completed a research project between November 2015 and March 2016 at the CTCC, under the supervision of CTCC researcher Dr. Heike Fliegl.
  • The students successfully completed their project, submitting a 40 page report GIMIC analyse av pentabenzotriazasmaragdyrin viser antiaromatisk klassifisering, to be graded.
  • The unusual topic and learning impact of the project has already attracted attention. The project was selected for a research-line highlight presentation, demonstrating the success of the school’s research line.
  • The three students have been invited to present their work at a research evening (forskerkveld) at their school and at the CTCC weekly seminar series.
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Published Dec. 5, 2016 1:49 PM - Last modified Dec. 5, 2016 2:13 PM