Sarah Reimann and Jon Austad

Sarah Reimann

Magnetic fields in Kohn-Sham theory

In the talk a short introduction to magnetic-field density functional theory (BDFT) is given. The magnetisability is decomposed into its Kohn-Sham components and the performance of various approximate functionals is evaluated. Moreover, the field dependence of the correlation term is assessed


Jon Austad

Applied MP2 in strong magnetic fields

MP2 theory in the london formalism has been used to probe the behavior of noble gas clusters in strong magnetic fields, and also to investigate the properties of exact DFT in the presence of magnetic fields.



The Hylleraas seminars alternate between Oslo and Tromsø in room V205 (Oslo) and ROOM #1.441 (LEVEL 4) Teorifagbygget, House 1 (Tromsø).

The seminars alternate beetween our two Universities and is broadcasted by video to the other place.

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