Frederico Jose de Santana Pontes

Title: Classical Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Bacterial Membranes.  

Abstract: Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) are the major constituent of bacterial outer membranes and a potent activator of the mammalian immune system. Variable external conditions, like temperature and specific ion concentration, promotes lamellar to non-lamellar transitions in LPS membranes enhancing the organism ability to evade the host immune defence and colonize specific tissues.

Using atomistic models we have investigated the structure, dynamics and hydration of LPS membranes against different conditions of temperature, cations and primary chemical structure of LPS. Our progress and perspectives of this work will be discussed at this talk.

A video recording of the talk can be found here.


Frederico Pontes is visiting from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brasil

This is a joint seminar between Oslo and Tromsø in room V205 (Oslo) and ROOM #1.441 (LEVEL 4) Teorifagbygget, House 1 (Tromsø).

The seminars alternate beetween our two Universities and is broadcasted by video to the other place.

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