Bin Gao and Erik Tellgren

Bin Gao: "The Evolution of An Integral Library"

Erik Tellgren: "What induced fields can do for rigorous CDFT (a lot!)"  


Abstract Erik Tellgren: The electronic ground state energy is neither concave nor convex as a functional of an external magnetic field. However, it has a hidden concave structure that can be brought out by taking into account the energy of the induced magnetic field. This enables a physical Current-Density Functional Theory where gauge invariant basic variables and energy terms appear in a natural way, providing an alternative to the explicitly gauge-dependent energy decomposition in Vignale and Rasolt's paramagnetic CDFT. Moreover, this physical CDFT corresponds to a mathematical regularization that removes features with very high curvature (e.g. kinks, cusps) from the conventional ground state energy functional.


This is a joint seminar between Oslo and Tromsø in room V205 (Oslo) and ROOM #1.441 (LEVEL 4) Teorifagbygget, House 1 (Tromsø).

The seminars alternate beetween our two Universities and is broadcasted by video to the other place.

Published May 9, 2017 2:15 PM - Last modified May 9, 2017 2:15 PM