Ainara Nova and Espen Sagvolden - CTCC-seminar

Joint seminar between Tromsø  and Oslo. Oslo is host for todays seminar.


Ainara Nova: Computational Study on CO2 insertion into Metal-X bonds (X=C,H,O,N)


Espen Sagvolden: Isoorbital indicators for CSDFT

Meta-GGAs are capable of describing both atoms, molecules and solid-state systems. The ability to switch between the different regimes is provided by the isoorbital indicator, which tells the functional whether a region is dominated by only one orbital or several.

Unfortunately, this isoorbital indicator is gauge dependent, which creates a gauge dependent exchange-correlation energy. To circumvent this problem, several groups have proposed gauge-invariant replacements. We evaluate these replacement isoorbital indicators for model systems.






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