Workshop on "Advances in electronic structure theory"

The workshop will be mostly about: Density-functional theory, Wave-function methods,  Quantum Monte Carlo. CTCC is one of the sponsors.

Renovation of Jussieu Campus.

Organizers: Paola GORI-GIORGI, Trygve HELGAKER, Gustavo SCUSERIA, Julien TOULOUSE.

Time and place: 27-29 April 2015, UPMC, Jussieu Campus, Amphi Charpak (Tower 22, street level), Paris

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The workshop will be about recent developments in electronic-structure theory, mostly:

Density-functional theory
Wave-function methods
Quantum Monte Carlo

The workshop will nearly coincide with the 65th birthday of Andreas SAVIN and will be the occasion to celebrate his scientific contributions in the field.


Published Apr. 27, 2015 8:40 AM