Travel information

  • To and from Tromsø:

    • By plane:
      The main connection to Tromsø by plane is through Oslo Gardermoen Airport, where there are two available airlines, SAS and Norwegian, with daily flights. In weekdays there are more than 10 flights a day in and out of Tromsø. On Saturdays there much fewer flights and Sundays are somewhere in between. There is also a biweekly (Sundays and Thursdays) connection to Stockholm with SAS that fits well with the conference schedule.
      The flight time around 2 hours both from Oslo and Stockholm. If the flight is on time, arriving in Tromsø before 1700 should give you plenty of time to get to the ship on time before departure.
    • By train:
      The closest train station to Tromsø is in Narvik and is connected to the Swedish railway system. From Narvik there is then a 3-4h bus ride to Tromsø. Only recommended for train enthusiasts...
  • From the airport to Hurtigruten:

    The ship port is located near the city centre, less than 15 min from the airport by car. You should either take a taxi (around NOK 200), the airport express coach (NOK 70), or a regular bus (nr. 40 or 42). The boat will be next to the Rica Ishavshotell where the closing session of the conference will take place.



Published Nov. 3, 2014 8:48 AM - Last modified Nov. 7, 2014 5:18 PM