Direction from Airport to Soria Moria Hotel

Soria Moria Hotel can be reached by public transportation, but we recommend sharing taxies from the airport, because of the price and travel convenience.


Airport Taxi

If 4 or more persons are sharing a taxi from the airport, the price becomes reasonable. Several taxi-companies offer an "airport-package" for 1-4 persons at a fixed total price, 839 NOK (ca. 100 €).  Link to Airport Taxi (Oslo Taxi) - the yellow zone.  Please note that different companies operate with different prices. Make sure you have an agreement about the price before entering the taxi. 

To help self organize taxi-sharing, all participants have received a link to a "Doodle" by email. You may fill in your name here, and arrange with the other participants with similar arrival times. Note that you need to fill in with an e-mail address/phone number so that other participants may contact you.   

Fast and reasonable priced travel

You can take the Airport Express (FLYTOGET) from the airport till Skøyen station (NOK 170, EUR 20)  and a taxi from there. Taxi is approximately NOK 300 (EUR 37). 

Update: Metro out of service between Stortinget and Majorstuen 14.6-15.6

Due to maintenance work, there will be NO METRO (T-Bane) between the stations STORTINGET and MAJORSTUEN during the Week-end June 14. - 15.


Participants arriving on Friday and leaving on Monday and staying at Soria-Moria will NOT BE AFFECTED.  
Those arriving or leaving on the week-end are strongly recommended to take a taxi.

Those staying downtown during the meeting will need extra time to reach Soria-Moria Hotel. 

The webpage of the transportation company in Oslo, will guide you on how to get to Majorstuen, where you catch T-Bane 1 to Voksenkollen.

Please do not hesitate to contact the organizers with the address of your hotel to get help with the best way to reach Majorstuen.

Unless you are familiar with Oslo public transportation or can manage with Ruter, please do not hesitate to contact us  with the address of your hotel to get help with the best way to reach Majorstuen from where you can catch T-Bane 1.  

To be noted, taking additional transportation does not add any cost to the travel since any ticket is valid for 1h at any Oslo transportation.


About public transportation

If you are travelling light, and want the lowest cost, we recommend taking the NSB train to the city, followed by the T-bane (Metro) Line 1 to Voksenkollen station. From Voksenkollen station there is a 1 km walk on a paved (not too steep) uphill road. Total cost for this alternative is NOK 90 (about 11 EUR) , provided you buy a ticket at the ticket machine. See details below.

Two types of train

There are two types of train going from the Airport to Oslo: NSB and the Airport Express Train. Immediately exiting the customs, turn right and walk for about 100 m. You will then see the signs indicating the train departure times to Oslo.

If you want to minimize walking distance take the train to "Nationaltheateret" station and go to the westbound T-bane, marked by a blue T ("Oslo S" is also an option, but walking distance from the train station to the T-bane station is longer).

Flytoget  / Airport Express Train

Travel time to Oslo is 20 min. The trains to Oslo S leaves every 10 min. Every second train (i.e. every 20 minutes) continues past Oslo S, and stops at both Nationalteateret and Skøyen stations. Cost of the ticket is 170 NOK (about EUR 20).

Flytoget has orange ticket machines. There is also a manned boot at the airport, but you may be charged extra for the ticket. If you take Flytoget, you will have to buy an additional ticket for the T-Bane.

NSB / Norwegian National Rail company

It takes about 30 or 40 min to Nationaltheateret. Not so frequent, but cheaper.  It leaves on the hour and 3 min and on the hour and 43 min. The boot is red and the ticket machine must also be of red color. Buy a ticket to Nationaltheateret. It cost 90 NOK and this includes the trip on the T-Bane. The ticket is valid one hour on all public transport inside Oslo. 

If you buy your ticket on the train, there will be an extra fee of NOK 40 (EUR 5).  You may also buy your ticket on the website and pick it up at a ticket machine at the station.

T-bane inside Oslo

At Nationaltheatheret you arrive at the same platform with the train and Flytoget. Take the mechanical stairs in the opposite direction of the train. At the top of the mechanical stair, go straight ahead until you exit the station, then turn left (past Narvesen) to enter the WESTBOUND T-bane platform. Take line 1 Fognerseteren (which leaves every 15 minutes). If you took Flytoget you need to buy a ticket from the ticket machine (30 NOK, about 4 EUR)

You do not need to buy a ticket if you still have a valid ticket from the NSB train.

Take Line 1 (direction Frognerseteren to Voksenkollen) (about 30 min ride). There is a 15 min walk to the hotel. 

If you happen to taken Flytoget to Oslo S, locate the sign T. There is an entrance to a underground corridor from the platform (no mechanical stairs), that takes you in the direction of the T-bane. Once down the stairs, turn right (no T sign visible at this point). At the end of this rather long corridor, turn left, you will then find T signs at all crossing points. You take T-Bane WESTBOUND as above. The cost of the ticket is the same as from Nationaltheateret.

Directions (map) from Voksenkollen station to Soria Moria Hotel (pdf).


Voksenkollen station




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