Sostrup Summer School in Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Properties

The 12th Sostrup Summer School, organized by T. Helgaker, P. Jørgensen and J. Olsen since 1990, will be held near Himmelbjerget in Denmark the first two weeks of July, 2012. For further information, see below or contact T. Helgaker

Organized by

Trygve Helgaker, Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, Department of Chemistry,
University of Oslo, Norway
Poul Jørgensen and Jeppe Olsen, The Lundbeck Foundation Centre for Theoretical Chemistry,
Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University, Denmark


The summer school is held at a boarding school (Himmelbjergegnens Natur- og Idrætsefterskole)
situated in the Danish countryside 3 km from Himmelbjerget and 30 km west of Aarhus.

More information

Page at Aarhus University

Please download information about the Summer School (pdf)


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